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Partner : Gérard Verger, Public Finance Expert
Assignments Map

  • Management of public finances
    • Modernization of budget systems (Algeria, Benin, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Haiti, Gabon)
    • Diagnosis of PFM systems (Chad, Congo, Comoros, DRC, Haiti)
    • Reorganization of ministry directions (Chad)
    • Capacity Building of Ministries of Finance (Chad, Comoros)
  • Public Enterprises
    • Analysis of the economic, institutional and legal context of the SOE’s sector (Rwanda)
    • Privatization strategy (Madagascar)
    • Operational audits, Institutional studies, Rehabilitation plans (Benin, Haiti, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal)
    • Valuation of State Owned Enterprises (Chad, Ivory Coast, Senegal)
    • Privatization of SOE’s : research of investors, invitation to tender, negotiations
      (Haiti, Togo)
    • Performance contracts between SOE’s and State (Togo)
    • Public utilities : Postal and Telecommunication sector (Algeria, Benin, Chad, Mauritania, Togo); Electricity sector (Burkina Faso, Haiti, Senegal, Togo); Water supply (Madagascar, Togo)
  • Private Sector Development
    • Diagnosis, bankable documents (DRC)
    • Support/Assessment of local Management Consulting firms (Burkina Faso, DRC, Mali)
    • Management process for a Project Consulting Unit (Burkina Faso)
    • Financial support to the sector (DRC)
    • Invoicing services to beneficial companies (Burkina Faso, Mali)
  • Forestry and Forest Industry
    • Sector Studies (Central African Republic, Ivory Coast)
    • Feasibility studies (CEPGL, DCR, Gabon)
    • Accounting and management systems, operating and management manuals
      and guides, decision making software tools (DRC, Papoua-New-Guinea)
  • Institutional Reform and Water Management
    • Institutional reform of water and sanitation sector in urban areas (Togo)
    • nstitutional design and water management in rural areas (Madagascar, Senegal)
    • PPP in small cities’ water management (Chad)
    • Restructuring of water utilities (Niger) (Niger)
  • Education and Health
    • Financing of Vocational Education and Training Reform (Guinea)
    • Health Center Management Systems and Internal Control Analysis (Haïti)
    • Education Sector Reform Program : Strategic Coordination Reinforcement (Mali)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • On the left, you will find Gérard Verger’s curriculum vitae. Any use of this curriculum vitae (as in proposals for instance) requires the formal assent of S.P.I.D. Verger Inc.